August 19, 2015


Core Issues


Establish a conservation easement for the City Watershed.

Develop a Best Management Practices Plan for City Parks to reduce pesticide and chemical applications in city parks

Improve stormwater management to reduce nutrient load into Sandcreek and the Pend Oreille

Improve city wide recycling program


Bring ultra-high speed Internet to Sandpoint by completing the City’s fiber project.

Leverage existing assets to improve quality of life and strengthen tourist economy

Develop a bicycle camping park within the city

Develop dedicated RV parking near downtown to reduce crowding of the urban core while encouraging multimodal access and downtown commerce

Complete Watershed Crest Trail linking Schweitzer to Sandpoint

Develop a second dog park within the city

Improve downtown parking

Improve support for community events and activities

Public Safety

Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and connectivity

Collaborate with regional entities to continue to improve emergency response plans for environmental disaster scenarios

Improve police training for mental health response


Work towards expanding higher education and early childhood education by establishing an Education Outreach Committee

Develop workforce training opportunities supporting local youth and local industry