August 30, 2015




Continues to support an herbicide free program for managing aquatic invasive species in the Pend Oreille Lake (2012-2015)

Supports railroad quiet zones within Sandpoint reducing noise pollution (2015-2016)

Supports pesticide free parks in Sandpoint at Dub’s Field and Lakeside Park

Supports the development of a Parks Best Management Practices program reducing the use of Pesticides and chemical treatments in Sandpoint (2015-present)

Initiated the Sandpoint Community Garden in 2007

Supported funding for quiet zones at railway crossings in Sandpoint


Helped develop the 2009 Sandpoint Comprehensive Plan, supporting the themes of sustainable development, environmental health and increased multi-modal mobility into the plan

Helped develop new city-wide zoning; ensuring the built environment maximizes efficient use of space, reflects community values, retains beauty and historical character while creating increased opportunities for appropriate development (2009-2014)

Helped negotiate with ITD to develop the Highway 2 alternative and reclaim our downtown streets (2013-2015)

Helped develop the Urban Renewal funded Downtown Streets Redesign project

Worked with regional and federal agencies to develop a regional trails master plan for increased mobility and recreation (2015-present)

Social Issues

Supported legislation to protect GLBT rights in the workplace

Supported the establishment of gay marriage in Idaho

Supported public art through the Art Alley project and legislation allowing public music performance

Supported legislation allowing responsible, supervised consumption of alcohol in city parks

Improved Sandpoint Farmer’s Market through closure of Oak St., providing for a safer, more integrated event with room to grow

Recreation and Quality of Life

Spearheaded the Watershed Crest Trail; a 25-mile scenic wilderness trail currently under construction that connects Schweitzer to Sandpoint. (2015-present)

Supported the Sandpoint Disc Golf Course at Baldy Park (2014)

Supports the continued development of the Pend Oreille Bay Trail

Continues to support the development of bicycle tourism in Sandpoint; bringing Ride Idaho, a market of 400 participants, to downtown Sandpoint since 2013

Public Safety

Helped negotiate Labor contracts with Local Fire Union and the Sandpoint Fire Department

Supported consolidation of Selkirk Fire, Rescue and EMS saving taxpayer dollars while increasing efficiency and quality of service

Supports mutual aid agreements between regional fire districts and Sandpoint to improve response times and increase emergency response coverage

Supported re-organization of Sandpoint Police Department; supported change in leadership, increased officer training for crisis intervention, improved efficiency and reduced budget impact while improving officer communications

Supported a plan to minimize the impact of coal and oil trains through Bonner County

Supported the development of an emergency response plan for environmental disaster scenarios